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Electro Clamps & Accessories

Electro Clamps & Accessories

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  1. Bi-Polar Clamps

    Bi-Polar Clamps

    Starting at: £50.00

    The clamps have mild steel ends allowing them to be bent and adjusted to suit a wide range of applications. Details

  2. Bi-Polar Electro Forcep Clamps

    Bi-Polar Electro Forcep Clamps

    Great for clamping labia lips, clitoris, scrotum and any other accessible areas with the added effect and sensation of electro stimulation. Details

  3. Bi-Polar Electro Scorpion Probe

    Bi-Polar Electro Scorpion Probe

    The electro sex scorpion. As the name suggests this neat little item is capable of having a sting in its tail. Details

  4. Bi-Polar Spiked Parachute

    Bi-Polar Spiked Parachute

    Spiked Parachute. This item offers your willing subject 3 areas of stimulation all in one go. Details

  5. Bi-Polar Vaginal Shield

    Bi-Polar Vaginal Shield

    The shield has holes drilled in it so that it can be held in place with a simple rope harness or it can be held in place with a pair of knickers or thong. Details

  6. Uni - Pole Adjustable Clamps

    Uni - Pole Adjustable Clamps

    The clamps are adjustable, this means you are able to adjust the tension allowing you to go from very nice to very mean. Details

  7. Uni-Pole Electro Brush

    Uni-Pole Electro Brush

    It features a wire brush where the spread of the wires can be adjusted to give a different feeling when used on different parts of the body. Details

    Temporarily out of stock

  8. Uni-Pole Electro Spike Clamps

    Uni-Pole Electro Spike Clamps

    Our Mistresses and Masters that we work with like to use these super little items either on the balls or hanging off the pussy lips. Details

    Temporarily out of stock

8 Item(s)

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