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Latex 4 Litre Enema Bag

This is a Latex Rubber Enema bag for the serious enema and piss play enthusiasts.

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Latex 4 Litre Enema Bag

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Latex 4 Litre Enema Bag

The bag and tube are made out of latex so whatever liquid goes in to the bag gets the authentic rubber smell, great for those into forced liquid ingestion or those into bubble bottle breath play.


This transparent bag is the one you see in many of the forced Enema films within the BDSM world, normally filled with piss before some poor, or lucky depending on your perspective; submissive gets to either swallow it or have it up their ass.


Do not compare this bag to the normal hot water type Enema bag, this is the real deal made especially for the piss play, enema scene.


The Enema bag holds a full 4 litres of liquid for a long slow drawn out enema over time in bondage.


The Latex rubber bag has reinforced holes at the top of the bag to facilitate easy hanging in many places around the dungeon, white room or home. It is also fitted with a tap on the tube to control the flow of liquid. The bag is supplied with approx 2 metres of transparent latex rubber tube and adjustable flow tap.


The transparent latex inflatable enema anal plug is designed to work with this Enema bag, however the bag can be used with any delivery method you may already have, you may want to upgrade later as the Latex enema plug works a treat.


The design of the plug is perfect, placing the plug in just the right spot before inflating; it holds it nice and tight in exactly the correct spot to prevent leakage and to prevent it from being pushed out.


The latex rubber Enema plug has a low profile so it works well with harnesses and latex pants etc, to prevent the plug from being pushed out over longer bondage sessions or until the whole Enema has been taken.


The hole size within the plug for the Enema delivery is approx 4 mm, used correctly with the tap on the tube of the bag it is possible to receive a long slow comfortable Enema or draw it out over longer periods of time for those longer bondage Enema sessions where the feeling of wanting to expel the Enema can be overcome and the Enema held until permission to release is given.


The Latex rubber anal plug can be used for cleaning and douching, it is not really designed with that in mind but works anyway.



Always use both holes on the Latex rubber bag when filling and especially with a full 4 litres, using just one hole for hanging with liquid will stress and possibly damage the bag.


Never use hot liquid in the bag or for Enemas, always test with your elbow if unsure.


Never force an Enema, the recipient should always be relaxed and prepared both physically and mentally, 4 litres is a lot of liquid to take, always build yourself up to this amount of liquid over time.


Always play safe and be safe and always do everything in your power to make sure everything you use is clean and sterile, a mild solution of food grade Hydrogen Peroxide is a great way to clean and sterilise your enema equipment.

Material Latex/Rubber
Gauge 1.5mm
Brand Latexa

Material Latex/Rubber
Gauge 1.5mm
Brand Latexa

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